Las Pinas Zip Code

Las Piñas City, an integral city of Metro Manila, draws both local and international tourists with its famous Bamboo Organ. This unique musical instrument, built in 1818 and housed at St. Joseph Church, became a significant tourist attraction, especially during February when the city holds its annual festival. Once known as the “salt capital” of Metro Manila, Philippines, Las Piñas has transformed into a vibrant, booming city. Another notable site is the Nature Church, uniquely constructed entirely from local natural materials.

Las Pinas Zip Code | Las Pinas Postal Code

LocationZIP CodePhone Area Code
Angela Village17492
Gatchalian Subd.17452
Las Pinas CPO17402
Manila Doctor’s Village17482
Remarville Subd.17412
Soldiers Hills Subd.17522
Talon Moonwalk17472
T. S. Cruz Subd.17512
Verdant Acres Subd.17462
Pulang Lupa17422
Zip Code Philippines

Various areas in Las Piñas, each with distinct zip codes, provide diverse experiences for visitors. Almanza, identified by the zip code 1750, and Angela Village, with the zip code 1749, are two of the local neighborhoods. Cut-cut, with the zip code 1743, and Gatchalian Subd., recognized by the zip code 1745, are also worth a visit.

The central post office of Las Pinas, denoted by zip code 1740, serves the city’s communication needs. Manila Doctor’s Village (zip code 1748) and Manuyo (zip code 1744) are other notable areas. You can also explore Remarville Subd. (zip code 1741) and Soldiers Hills Subd. (zip code 1752).

Talon Moonwalk and T.S. Cruz Subd. are two other interesting locations, with zip codes 1747 and 1751, respectively. Verdant Acres Subd., marked by the zip code 1746, offers green spaces for relaxation.

Lastly, the areas of Pulang Lupa & Zapote and Pulang Lupa, both identified by the zip code 1742, provide unique local experiences. All these areas use the phone area code 2 for communication.

Breaking Down the List

The list details key information about each area in Las Piñas:

  1. Location Name: Indicates the specific area, subdivision, or district within Las Piñas City.
  2. ZIP Code: Each location has a unique ZIP code used for sorting mail and other postal services.
  3. Phone Area Code: All locations listed share the area code “2”, which is used for landline telephone communications in Metro Manila.

Exploring Las Piñas Through Its Areas

  • Almanza (ZIP: 1750): Known for its residential communities and commercial establishments.
  • Angela Village (ZIP: 1749): A peaceful residential area offering a suburban feel within the city.
  • Gatchalian Subd. (ZIP: 1745): A popular residential area with a mix of housing developments.
  • Las Piñas CPO (ZIP: 1740): The central post office area, serving as the main postal hub for the city.
  • Manila Doctor’s Village (ZIP: 1748): A notable residential area known for its accessibility and proximity to essential services.
  • Talon Moonwalk (ZIP: 1747): A lively area known for its commercial and residential developments.
  • Pulang Lupa & Zapote (ZIP: 1742): These areas are historically significant and have seen rapid urban growth.

Importance of ZIP and Area Codes

  • ZIP Codes: Essential for mail and delivery services, ensuring accurate and timely delivery of postal items.
  • Area Codes: Important for making landline phone calls within Las Piñas and to other parts of Metro Manila.


Las Piñas City, with its diverse neighborhoods and growing urban landscape, offers a unique blend of historical significance and modern living. Whether you’re sending a letter, making a phone call, exploring the local areas, or conducting business, this guide is an invaluable tool for anyone navigating the vibrant and diverse city of Las Piñas. Understanding these ZIP codes and area codes is not just about logistical convenience; it’s a key to connecting with the various facets of life in this dynamic city.