Makati Zip Code

Makati City, known as the financial heartbeat of the Philippines, is nestled within Metro Manila. The city is a magnet for discerning tourists, both local and foreign, as well as businessmen and expatriates. This popularity stems from its rich offerings: a host of the country’s largest businesses, top-tier hotels, embassies, and premier shopping centers.

Those visiting Makati have a plethora of attractions to choose from. The city houses an array of museums, cinemas, and parks. The vibrant nightlife offers countless bars and clubs. Foodies can explore an impressive selection of restaurants and cafes. And of course, shopping aficionados can lose themselves in the myriad of shops.

Here’s a handy guide to the city’s various areas, each with its unique ZIP code and phone area code (all under code 2):

Makati Zip Code | Makati Postal Code

LocationZIP CodePhone Area Code
Ayala-Paseo de Roxas12262
Dasmarinas Village North12212
Dasmarinas Village South12222
Forbes Park North12192
Forbes Park South12202
Fort Bonifacio Naval Stn.12022
Fort Bonifacio (Camp)12012
Guadalupe Nuevo12122
Guadalupe Viejo12112
La Paz-Singkamas-Tejeros12042
Legaspi Village12292
Magallanes Village12322
Makati Commercial Ctr.12242
Makati CPO + Buendia Ave12002
Olympia & Carmona12072
Pasong Tamo & Ecology Vill12312
Pio del Pilar12302
Rembo (East)12162
Rembo (West)12152
Salcedo Village12272
San Antonio Village12032
San Isidro12342
San Lorenzo Village12232
Sta. Cruz12052
Urdaneta Village12252
Valenzuela, Santiago, Rizal12082
Zip Code Philippines

When in Makati City, don’t miss out on visiting the Greenbelt Park and the Greenbelt Chapel, Ayala Triangle Gardens, the Ayala Museum, Salcedo Park, Washington Sycip Park, Yuchengco Museum, and Leon Gallery. For shopping enthusiasts, the Powerplant Mall is a must-visit. For a spiritual retreat, the Santuario de San Antonio Parish Church is a peaceful sanctuary. The Circuit Makati offers a range of entertainment options. For an exciting night, head to Makati Avenue and Jupiter Street, where numerous bars and restaurants promise a lively time.

What’s in the List?

The list we’re discussing is a detailed directory of locations within Makati City. Each entry consists of three essential elements:

  1. Location Name: This is the specific area or barangay in Makati. Each name reflects a distinct part of the city, with its unique character and offerings.
  2. ZIP Code: A ZIP (Zone Improvement Plan) code is a numerical identifier used to simplify mail distribution. In the Philippines, these are four-digit numbers. Each area in Makati has a unique ZIP code.
  3. Phone Area Code: The area code is essential for making telephone calls. In Makati, all areas share the area code “2”, which is the code for the entire Metro Manila.

Breaking Down the Locations

Let’s look at some key areas on the list to get a better understanding:

  • Ayala-Paseo de Roxas (ZIP: 1226): A prime business district known for its corporate buildings and upscale lifestyle.
  • Bel-air (ZIP: 1209): A residential area famous for its tranquil environment amidst the city buzz.
  • Dasmarinas Village (ZIP: 1221 for North, 1222 for South): One of the most exclusive and affluent residential areas in Makati.
  • Greenbelt (ZIP: 1228): A well-known shopping and entertainment complex.
  • Fort Bonifacio (ZIP: 1201 for Camp, 1202 for Naval Stn.): A rapidly developing commercial and residential area, known for its modern skyscrapers.

Why is this Information Important?

For Postal Services:

Knowing the correct ZIP code is crucial for ensuring that your mail and packages are delivered accurately and promptly.

For Telecommunications:

The area code “2” is essential for making landline calls within Metro Manila, including Makati. This uniform area code simplifies the process of making local calls.

For Navigation and Addressing:

Whether you’re a taxi driver, a delivery service, or simply visiting friends, understanding these areas and their codes can greatly assist in navigating the city.

For Businesses:

Companies, especially those involved in delivery or logistics, rely on accurate ZIP and area codes for efficient operation.


Makati City’s diverse and dynamic nature is reflected in its various areas, each with a unique ZIP code and sharing a common phone area code. Familiarity with this information not only aids in efficient postal and telecommunication services but also enhances the overall experience of living in or visiting this vibrant city. Whether you’re exploring its commercial centers, enjoying the peaceful residential areas, or navigating through its busy streets, this guide serves as a handy tool for anyone interacting with the diverse landscape of Makati.