Caloocan City Zip Code

Caloocan City, nestled in Metro Manila, Philippines, is a unique city, split geographically into two areas: North Caloocan and South Caloocan. Two notable avenues, the Epifano delos Santos Avenue (EDSA) and Rizal Avenue, intersect at the famous “Monumento” landmark – a monument dedicated to Andres Bonifacio, the chief of the Katipunan. The city also boasts various tourist attractions such as the Gubat sa Ciudad Resort, the San Roque Cathedral, Grogun Health Resort, and Luzviminda Resort. Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the Santo Nino de Pajotan Festival held on the last Sunday of January each year!

Caloocan Zip codes, Caloocan Postal Code and phone area codes differ between the North and South parts of the city. In North Caloocan, areas such as Amparo Subdivision, Bagong Silang, Bagumbong/Pag-asa, Bankers Village, Capitol Parkland Subd., Kaybiga/Deparo, Lilles Ville Subd., Novaliches North, Tala Leprosarium, and Victory Heights have the zip codes ranging from 1420 to 1428. All these areas share the same phone area code: 2.

Caloocan Zip Code | Postal Code Caloocan

Kalookan City (North)ZIP CodePhone Area Code
Amparo Subdivision14252
Bagong Silang14282
Bankers Village14262
Capitol Parkland Subd.14242
Lilles Ville Subd.14232
Novaliches North14222
Tala Leprosarium14272
Victory Heights14272
Kalookan City (South)
1st to 7th Ave. West14052
Fish Market14112
Grace Park East14032
Grace Park West14062
Isla de Cocomo14122
Kaloocan City CPO14002
Kapitbahayan East14132
Kanluran Village14092
San Jose14042
Sta. Quiteria14022
University Hills14072
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South Caloocan has different postal code or zip codes as well, ranging from 1400 to 1413. Areas here include 1st to 7th Ave. West, Baesa, Fish Market, Grace Park East, Grace Park West, Isla de Cocomo, Kaloocan City CPO, Kapitbahayan East, Kanluran Village, Maypajo, San Jose, Sangandaan, Sta. Quiteria, and University Hills. These areas, like their northern counterparts, also share the same phone area code: 2.

This vibrant city in the North of the National Capital Region is one of the key components of Metro Manila. Home to a population of more than a million, it spans an area of about 5,000 hectares land property, earning it the distinction of being the second-largest city in the Metro, next only to Quezon City.

Understanding the List

The list we’re exploring provides essential information for both residents and visitors of Calookan City:

  1. Location Name: This refers to specific subdivisions, districts, or neighborhoods within North and South Calookan City.
  2. ZIP Code: Each area has a unique four-digit ZIP code, vital for postal services and navigation.
  3. Phone Area Code: All locations in Calookan City use the area code “2”, which is standard across Metro Manila.

North Calookan City

North Calookan is known for its residential communities and bustling marketplaces. Let’s highlight some key areas:

  • Bagong Silang (ZIP: 1428): Recognized as one of the most populous areas in the Philippines, it’s a vast residential area with a vibrant community.
  • Kaybiga/Deparo (ZIP: 1420): A mix of residential and industrial sectors, known for its growing commercial activities.
  • Tala Leprosarium (ZIP: 1427): Historically known for the Dr. Jose N. Rodriguez Memorial Hospital and Sanitarium, it’s a significant health care area in the city.

South Calookan City

South Calookan boasts a rich historical background and is more urbanized than the north. Some notable areas include:

  • Grace Park East (ZIP: 1403) and West (ZIP: 1406): These areas are known for their bustling commercial activities and residential neighborhoods.
  • University Hills (ZIP: 1407): A notable area with educational institutions and residential zones.
  • Kaloocan City CPO (ZIP: 1400): The central post office area, serving as a hub for postal services in the city.

Why This Information is Important

For Postal Services

Knowing the correct ZIP code is crucial for mail and package delivery. Each area’s unique ZIP code ensures that postal services are efficient and reliable.

For Telecommunications

The area code “2” is essential for landline calls within Metro Manila. This uniform code across Calookan City simplifies communication.

For Navigation and Addressing

Whether you’re a delivery service, a visitor, or a resident, understanding these areas and their codes is invaluable for navigating the city.

For Business and Local Services

Businesses, especially those that rely on deliveries, benefit from knowing the exact locations and ZIP codes of their service areas.


Calookan City, with its distinct North and South divisions, presents a diverse and dynamic landscape. Each area, with its unique ZIP code and the shared phone area code, forms an integral part of the city’s identity. Whether you’re sending mail, making a phone call, exploring the city, or conducting business, this guide serves as an essential tool for anyone interacting with the multifaceted areas of Calookan City. Understanding these codes not only aids in practical tasks but also deepens one’s appreciation of the city’s diverse neighborhoods and rich cultural tapestry.