Taguig Zip Code

Taguig City, a vibrant city part of Metro Manila, lies to the south of Makati City, Philippines and is bordered by Laguna Bay. Once a humble fishing town, the city has transformed rapidly into a bustling urban hub with the inauguration of the C5 highway and the imminent C6. The development of Bonifacio Global City, an upscale area, further marks Taguig’s evolution into a major city filled with gleaming skyscrapers, contemporary malls, shopping centers, hotels, and thriving business establishments.

Taguig Zip Code | Postal Code Taguig

LocationZIP CodePhone Area Code
Bay Breeze Village16362
Lower Bicutan16322
Upper Bicutan16332
Western Bicutan16302
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Visitors and tourists in the city will find an array of attractions such as Bonifacio Global City, the Market Market Mall, and the Veterans’ Museum. Religious and historic sites include the Shrine of St. Anne, one of the country’s oldest churches built in 1587, The Blue Mosque, and Dambanang Kawayan, which is a unique bamboo church. For those with a love for nature and science, the Department of Science and Technology’s eco-tourism park in Bicutan, featuring a mini forest, is a must-visit.

The city’s various districts each have their distinct ZIP codes and share a phone area code of 2. Bay Breeze Village falls under ZIP code 1636, while Bicutan, Lower Bicutan, Upper Bicutan, and Western Bicutan are designated with ZIP codes 1631, 1632, 1633, and 1630 respectively. The area of Ligid is recognized by the ZIP code 1638, Nichols-Mckinley by 1634, and Tukukan by 1637.

The Essence of the List

This list serves as a quick reference for anyone looking to understand more about Taguig City’s geographical layout:

  1. Location Name: These are specific areas within Taguig City, each with its own unique character and significance.
  2. ZIP Code: A ZIP (Zone Improvement Plan) code is a numerical identifier used in postal services for efficient mail sorting and delivery. Each area in Taguig City is assigned a specific ZIP code.
  3. Phone Area Code: All the locations in Taguig City share the phone area code “2”, which is used across Metro Manila for landline calls.

Exploring Taguig City’s Areas

Let’s delve into some of the key areas listed and their relevance:

  • Bicutan (ZIP: 1631) and its divisions – Lower Bicutan (1632), Upper Bicutan (1633), Western Bicutan (1630): These are significant residential and commercial areas, with Western Bicutan hosting the city’s government center.
  • Nichols-Mckinley (ZIP: 1634): Known for its proximity to the prestigious Manila American Cemetery and Memorial, and also close to the bustling Bonifacio Global City.
  • Bay Breeze Village (ZIP: 1636): A residential area known for its serene environment, offering a contrast to the city’s busier districts.

Why This Information Matters

For Postal Services

The right ZIP code is essential for ensuring that your mail and packages are accurately and promptly delivered.

For Telecommunication Needs

The area code “2” is vital for making landline calls within Taguig City and the greater Metro Manila area.

For Navigation and Addressing

Knowing these areas and their corresponding ZIP codes is invaluable for finding your way around Taguig City, especially for new residents and visitors.

For Businesses

For companies, especially those in the logistics and delivery sectors, accurate ZIP codes are crucial for efficient operation and customer satisfaction.


Taguig City, with its mix of modern urban development and traditional communities, offers a diverse landscape. Each area, marked by its unique ZIP code and the shared phone area code, plays a vital role in the city’s structure. Whether you are mailing a letter, making a phone call, exploring different neighborhoods, or conducting business, this guide is an invaluable tool for anyone interacting with the various aspects of Taguig City. Understanding these codes is not just about navigating the city; it’s about connecting with the unique facets of this vibrant urban space.