Valenzuela Zip Code

Valenzuela City, a component of the Metro Manila area, nestles on the northern fringe of the metropolis, sharing its boundaries with Bulacan province. Its namesake, Pío Valenzuela, was a prominent leader of the Katipunan and a respected doctor. The city’s name, a diminutive of Valencia in Spain, translates to “little Valencia”.

LocationZIP CodePhone Area Code
Arkong Bato, Rincon, Pasolo, Malanday, Mabolo, Polo14442
Balangkas, Caloong14452
Dalandan West, Canumay14432
East Canumay, Lawang Bato Punturin14472
Fortune Village, Paseo de Blas, Gen. T de Leon14422
Mapulang Lupa14482
Valenzuela CPO, Malinta14402
Valenzuela P.O. Boxes14962
Far Eastern Broadcasting05602
Feblas Col. of Bible05502

The city brims with interesting spots for tourists and visitors alike. The San Diego de Alcala church and its belfry stand as a testament to the city’s rich history. The Museo Valenzuela showcases the city’s cultural heritage. The National Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima, a significant religious site, draws devotees from across the country. History buffs might find the Libingan ng mga Hapon, a Japanese cemetery, intriguing. For those seeking entertainment, the Valenzuela Astrodome and Convention Center is a must-visit. The Mano Po San Roque Festival, held on the 12th of May, is a cultural event that shouldn’t be missed.

Let’s look at some specific locations within Valenzuela, each with its ZIP code and phone area code. Neighborhoods like Arkong Bato, Rincon, Pasolo, Malanday, Mabolo, and Polo share the ZIP code 1444 and the phone area code 2. Balangkas and Caloong follow suit, but with the ZIP code 1445. Dalandan West and Canumay have the ZIP code 1443, while East Canumay and Lawang Bato Punturin are designated with 1447. Fortune Village, Paseo de Blas, and Gen. T de Leon have the ZIP code 1442, whereas Karuhatan is identified with 1441. Lingunan and Mapulang Lupa have ZIP codes 1446 and 1448, respectively.

The central post office in Valenzuela and the Malinta region have the ZIP code 1440. The Valenzuela P.O. Boxes are designated with 1496. Far Eastern Broadcasting and Feblas Col. of Bible have unique codes, 0560 and 0550 respectively. All these places maintain the phone area code 2.