San Juan City Zip Code

San Juan City, the smallest city in Metro Manila, spans a mere 6 square kilometers. Despite its diminutive size, it enjoys a strategic location in the heart of the metropolis, sharing borders with Manila, Quezon City, and Mandaluyong. In the past, San Juan was part of Rizal province. Named after its patron saint, St. John the Baptist, the city commemorates its namesake with a unique celebration every 24th of June. During the town fiesta, residents and visitors alike get doused with water as the streets come alive with festivities.

San Juan City Zip Code | San Juan City Postal Code

LocationZIP CodePhone Area Code
Greenhills North15032
Greenhills PO15022
San Juan CPO15002
Asian Development Bank04012
Bible Church on the Air04202
Int’l Correspondence School04002
Radio Bible Class04102
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Tourists and visitors to San Juan can look forward to numerous attractions. The Pinaglabanan Shrine, Greenhills Shopping Center, Tanghalan ng Masa, and Club Filipino are among the noteworthy sites. The Agora Complex, together with a wide array of bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and recreational facilities, contribute to the city’s vibrant nightlife and entertainment scene.

San Juan is also home to several key locations, each with its own ZIP code and phone area code. Eisenhower-Crame carries a ZIP code of 1504, while Greenhills North and Greenhills Post Office have ZIP codes 1503 and 1502, respectively. San Juan Central Post Office has the ZIP code 1500. All these areas share the same phone area code, which is 2.

Other notable locations include the Asian Development Bank with a ZIP code of 0401, the Bible Church on the Air with ZIP code 0420, the International Correspondence School with ZIP code 0400, and the Radio Bible Class with a ZIP code of 0410. They all share the same phone area code of 2.

Simplifying the List for San Juan City

The list includes specific areas in San Juan City along with their respective ZIP codes and a shared phone area code:

  1. Location Name: Identifies specific areas, districts, or notable institutions within San Juan City.
  2. ZIP Code: Each location has a designated ZIP code used for sorting mail and other postal services.
  3. Phone Area Code: All locations in San Juan City share the area code “2”, used for landline telephone communications in Metro Manila.

Highlighting Key Locations in San Juan

  • San Juan CPO (Central Post Office, ZIP: 1500): The primary postal hub for the city.
  • Greenhills North (ZIP: 1503): Known for its upscale residential areas and proximity to the famous Greenhills Shopping Center.
  • Eisenhower-Crame (ZIP: 1504): A residential area near Camp Crame, the headquarters of the Philippine National Police.
  • Asian Development Bank (ZIP: 0401): The regional headquarters of this major international financial institution.
  • Int’l Correspondence School (ZIP: 0400): An educational institution offering distance learning programs.

Importance of ZIP and Area Codes

  • ZIP Codes (1500 to 1504, 0400 to 0420): These codes are essential for ensuring that mail and packages are delivered accurately within San Juan City.
  • Area Code (2): This uniform area code for San Juan simplifies landline communication, crucial in a densely populated city.


San Juan City, though small in area, is rich in cultural heritage, bustling with commercial activities, and home to vibrant communities. Whether you’re sending a letter, making a phone call, exploring shopping districts, or delving into local culture, this guide is invaluable for navigating the city’s neighborhoods and institutions. Understanding these ZIP codes and area codes is not just about practicality; it’s a key to experiencing the lively and diverse atmosphere of San Juan City.