Malabon Zip Code

Malabon City is a vibrant city nestled in the northern part of Metro Manila. It’s widely recognized for its scrumptious Pancit Malabon, a type of rice noodle dish that’s a must-try for any food enthusiast. The city is also home to one of the oldest churches in the Philippines, the San Bartolome Church, which was constructed back in 1621 by the Augustinians. Another attraction that draws visitors to Malabon is the city’s zoo.

Malabon Zip Code | Malabon Postal Code

LocationZIP CodePhone Area Code
Araneta Subdivision14762
Kaunlaran Village14092
Catmon, Tugatog, Malabon14702
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As for the districts in Malabon, Acacia with its ZIP code 1474 and phone area code 2, is a notable one. Araneta Subdivision, too, is an important part of the city with the ZIP code 1476 and the same phone area code. Dampalit, characterized by its ZIP code 1480, also falls under the area code 2. The district of Flores, with its ZIP code 1471, shares the same area code as well.

Kaunlaran Village is another district to note, with the ZIP code 1409. Longos, with its unique ZIP code 1472, falls under the same phone area code. Malabon, the heart of the city, has the ZIP code 1470. Maysilo is another district with the ZIP code 1477. Muzon, with its ZIP code 1479, also shares the same phone area code.

Potrero and Santolan are two more districts to mention, with ZIP codes 1475 and 1478 respectively. Finally, Tonsuya, with its ZIP code 1473, completes our list of districts in Malabon. All these districts share the phone area code 2.

A Guide to Malabon’s Neighborhoods

The list offers key information for each area in Malabon:

  1. Location Name: Specifies different neighborhoods within Malabon.
  2. ZIP Code: Each area is assigned a specific ZIP code for postal and delivery services.
  3. Phone Area Code: All locations in Malabon share the area code “2”, used for landline telephone communications in the Metro Manila area.

Key Areas in Malabon

  • Catmon, Tugatog (ZIP: 1470): Known for its traditional houses and local community vibe.
  • Kaunlaran Village (ZIP: 1409): A lively area combining residential and commercial elements.
  • Potrero (ZIP: 1475) and Muzon (ZIP: 1479): These neighborhoods are characterized by their mix of businesses and residential zones.
  • Araneta Subdivision (ZIP: 1476): Features residential areas with a touch of suburban lifestyle.
  • Dampalit (ZIP: 1480): A coastal area known for its community-centered living.
  • Santolan (ZIP: 1478) and Tonsuya (ZIP: 1473): These areas offer a blend of local markets and traditional living.

Importance of ZIP and Area Codes

  • ZIP Codes (1470 to 1480): Ensure that mail and packages are delivered accurately within Malabon’s diverse neighborhoods.
  • Area Code (2): This area code for Malabon, shared with Metro Manila, simplifies landline communication within the city and surrounding areas.


Malabon, with its fusion of cultural richness, culinary delights, and community-focused neighborhoods, presents a unique urban experience. Whether you’re mailing a letter, making a phone call, sampling local delicacies, or soaking in the city’s heritage, this guide is essential for navigating Malabon’s colorful areas. Understanding these ZIP codes and area code is not just practical; it’s key to immersing yourself in the vibrant life of this historic city.