Abra Zip Code

If you’re planning a trip to the Philippines, don’t miss the many eco-tourism destinations in Abra. Nestled in northern Luzon, this province is an integral part of the Cordillera Administrative Region. Abra’s capital, Bangued, is a bustling hub of local and foreign tourists who are drawn by the region’s rich offering.

Famed for its loom weaving and embroidery, Abra boasts a plethora of intriguing sites. The Libtec Underground River, Victoria National Park, and the Don Tenorio Brillantes Museum are must-see attractions.

While exploring Abra, you might want to note the various ZIP codes and phone area codes for different locales.

Abra Zip Code | Abra Postal Code

LocationZIP CodePhone Area Code
La Paz282674
Licuan (Baay)281974
San Isidro280974
San Juan282374
San Quintin280874
Zip Code Philippines

The capital, Bangued, uses ZIP code 2800 and phone area code 74. You’ll find the same phone area code in Boliney, though its ZIP code is 2815. In Bucay and Bucloc, you will be dialing the same area code, with ZIP codes being 2805 and 2817 respectively.

Daguioman and Danglas, share the 74 phone area code, with the ZIP codes being 2816 for Daguioman and 2825 for Danglas. Dolores, Lacub, Langagilang, and Lagayan also fall under this area code, with ZIP codes ranging from 2801 for Dolores, 2821 for Lacub, 2802 for Langagilang, to 2824 for Lagayan.

Langiden, La Paz, Licuan (Baay), Luba, Malibcong, Manabo, Peñarubia, Pidigan, Pilar, Sal-Lapadan, San Isidro, San Juan, San Quintin, Tayum, Tineg, Tubo, and Villaviciosa all share the 74 area code, with ZIP codes spread between 2807 for Langiden and 2811 for Villaviciosa.

Your visit to Abra promises to be a journey of rich cultural immersion and breathtaking natural beauty.

Navigating Abra’s Municipalities

The list details key information for each area in Abra:

  1. Location Name: Specifies different municipalities within Abra.
  2. ZIP Code: Each municipality has a specific ZIP code for postal and delivery services.
  3. Phone Area Code: All locations in Abra share the area code “74”, used for landline telephone communications.

Key Municipalities in Abra

  • Bangued (ZIP: 2800): The capital town of Abra, known for its historical sites and as a commercial hub.
  • Dolores (ZIP: 2801) and Tayum (ZIP: 2803): These areas are rich in cultural history and traditional architecture.
  • Pidigan (ZIP: 2806) and San Juan (ZIP: 2823): Known for their agricultural lands and local festivals.
  • Langiden (ZIP: 2807) and Luba (ZIP: 2813): Offer picturesque landscapes and a glimpse into the traditional rural life of Abra.
  • Licuan (Baay) (ZIP: 2819): Known for its natural beauty and cultural heritage.

Importance of ZIP and Area Codes

  • ZIP Codes (2800 to 2826): These codes ensure that mail and packages are delivered correctly within Abra’s municipalities.
  • Area Code (74): This shared area code for Abra simplifies communication within the province.


Abra, with its mix of historical charm, natural beauty, and cultural richness, offers a diverse experience. Whether you’re sending a letter, making a phone call, exploring traditional villages, or enjoying the scenic beauty, this guide is invaluable for navigating Abra’s municipalities. Understanding these ZIP codes and area code is not just practical; it’s key to experiencing the vibrant and diverse life in this captivating province.