Vista Real Classica de Sta. Lucia Realty and Devt. Corp. is a residential development located in Batasan Hills, Quezon City, Metro Manila. It is considered one of the top choices for any Filipino family, largely due to its location and affordability. It is peaceful and fully integrated with nature. Therefore, residents of Vista Real Classica will be able to live a quiet, happy and serene life. They won’t have to worry about the hustle and bustle of the hustle and bustle of the subway line. It’s something you can’t find anywhere else.

Why Vista Real Classica is the perfect choice for you

Vista Real Classica is widely known throughout Quezon City due to its two best features. First, Vista Real Classica is located in a very unique and desirable location. Vista Real Classica was built on a large plot of land where, to this day, mature trees still stand. Consequently, flora and fauna sanctuaries are still found around modern structures of residential development. These suburban and modern qualities coexist peacefully in Vista Real Classica. Residents will find that Vista Real Classica offers the perfect combination of quiet yet busy, progressive yet peaceful. Additionally, Vista Real Classica is located inside Quezon City, one of the busiest business districts in the National Capital Region. As a result, residents are rewarded with easy access to most means of transport. They have quick access to most of the central business district inside the metro. On the other hand, they can also quickly drive or move to different northern provinces. Second, Vista Real Classica is affordable and one of the cheapest options in the area.

Vista Real Classica Features and Amenities

Vista Real Classica in Batasan Hills, Quezon City, Metro Manila offers a range of features and amenities that residents will enjoy and use every day. On boring days, they can hang out with family and friends at the Vista Real Classica picnic area. The place is also very shady as there are many mature trees in the area. If that’s not a resident’s preference, they can also use the Vista Real Classica’s swimming pool. Meanwhile, residents who want to maintain an active lifestyle can exercise and play sports at Vista Real Classica’s tennis and basketball courts.

Special/Highlights Section of the Development

One of the most sought-after qualities of Vista Real Classica is undoubtedly the endowment of natural resources. Residents will be able to enjoy fresh air every day as the community is completely suburban.

Other Vista Real Classica Features

Vista Real Classica homes for sale are in a village that is equipped with a landscaped entrance, a gate, and a guardhouse. Therefore, residents inside the community will be able to rest well knowing that they are safe and secure. The cemented sidewalks are also dotted with promenade trees.

About Quezon City

Quezon City is known as the largest city in the Philippines. It is home to some of the most famous business establishments and some of the most prestigious universities in the country. Quezon City is also considered the center of information technology and entertainment of the country.

About Sta. Lucia Realty and Devt. Corp

Sta. Lucia Realty and Devt. Corp has a diversified real estate portfolio that includes vertical and horizontal properties across the country. In addition, Sta. Lucia Terre, Inc. There is also a shopping mall in Cainta, Rizal.