About Violago Homes

Violago Homes in Payatas, Quezon City, Metro Manila is a residential development that offers maximum comfort, maximum amenities and affordable living conditions compared to other residential communities in the area. It offers a triple threat in terms of benefits, so residents will be able to live comfortably inside the community. Violago Homes is a complete residential development that captures the interest of almost anyone passing by. It can’t and probably won’t get any better than this.

Why Violago Homes is the perfect choice for you

Violago Homes offers three threatening benefits that residents can enjoy every day. Above all, Violago Homes offers residents maximum comfort. The community is spacious, low density, so residents can develop and live freely within the premises of Violago Homes. They won’t have to sacrifice their personal space just to save a few dollars. Violago Homes has been expanding despite its affordability.

Second, Violago Homes offers its residents maximum comfort. It is located inside Quezon City so it is close to all the main business districts inside the metro. In addition, Violago Homes in Quezon City is also close to the main gateways to the province. Traveling to and from different regions from Violago Homes will be a breeze. Residents who only work in Manila but have other homes in the province will find it easier to return home on weekends. Meanwhile, long-term metro residents can easily take their weekends off and get back to work on Monday without any hassle.

Finally, Violago Homes is one of the most affordable lifestyle places in the area. Housing prices are skyrocketing in Quezon City, but Violago Homes for Sale still offers the most reasonable price that is sure to maximize its utility.

Violago Homes Features and Amenities

Violago Homes has a basketball court that most residents use every day. While it can host sporting events like basketball or badminton, the basketball court at Violago Homes can also serve as an event center for social gatherings, parties, events, conferences, meetings, etc.

Special/Highlights Section of the Development

Violago Homes is also close to a number of shopping and business centres, government offices, hospitals and schools. So the residents of Violago Homes will be able to easily do errands or carry out their daily activities.

Other Violago Homes Features

Each home or residential development within Violago Homes by San Lorenzo Ruis Builders and Developers, Inc. is unique and original. Therefore, Violago Homes offers a wide range of homes for potential buyers to choose from. House designs can range from one-story to three-story, but each home has a living room, kitchen, and multiple bedrooms.

About Quezon City

Quezon City is known as the largest city in the Philippines. It is home to some of the most famous business establishments and some of the most prestigious universities in the country. Quezon City is also considered the center of information technology and entertainment of the country. It is commonly known as Kyusi or QC. One of its most famous landmarks is the Quezon Memorial Circle, a national park surrounded by an elliptical road.

San Lorenzo Ruis Builders and Developers, Inc.

San Lorenzo Ruis Builders and Developers, Inc. is a local real estate developer with headquarters in Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines. Although it has developed a number of residential projects, it is mainly construction activities.