Venare Nuvali is A More Sustainable Suburban Community In Laguna

While living in the city center or choosing to reside right in the heart of the central business district is the lifestyle chosen by many Filipinos, there are also those who dream of the suburban lifestyle. And to these people, Alveo Land is proud to offer this suburban community located in Canlubang in Calamba, Laguna. As part of Nuvali development, residents of Venare Nuvali can enjoy Laguna’s main lifestyle and shopping malls while feeling as if they can escape the hustle and bustle of the city right away. when they go to their home.

Why Venare Nuvali is the perfect choice for you

The development emphasizes sustainability, suburban serenity and multi-property lifestyle options. Tree-lined paths and several parks can be found inside the 74.4 hectare site, complemented by picturesque vistas and cool breezes. But this is just the beginning. In terms of amenities and features, Venare Nuvali also ensures that residents have no shortage. The project boasts a 3-acre Central Park complex, which will house the village club where residents can enjoy function rooms, perfectly landscaped gardens, ideal for special occasions and important events.

Truly unique features and equipment

This property offers a versatile lifestyle experience; the team behind this project really went their way. If you choose to reside in Venare Nuvali, you can also choose between five themed lifestyle zones: the Me zone and the Go zone which focuses on total body wellness; The Aqua Zone is home to various swimming pools and a place where water enthusiasts can spend their weekends; a green area where outdoor activities can be practiced, such as picnics and camping in the woods, bike and trailer hiking, and even a campfire area; EZone promotes learning in every possible way with its library, playroom and even outdoor theater. Each features different multi-purpose experiences, all focused on promoting an active and eco-friendly lifestyle.

About the Location

Living in Nuvali and Calamba, Laguna appeals to those who prefer a more laid-back and quiet life. While it may take longer to commute to and from work each day, living in the suburbs allows for a softer environment in which to raise a family. Not only do you get the extra space at a cost that’s almost the same as buying an urban condominium. jungle, you also benefit from a quality of life filled with nature and well being activities.