Urban Deca Homes

Urban Deka Homes is an affordable condo development that caters mostly for lower income residents who work in Divisoria, Port Area and the students who are studying in nearby Divisoria public schools. This is a very quiet part of the city, near the waterfront in Tondo where the landscape is now modified to give this condo community a natural look and feel. 

The Tondo is the perfect environment for family life. It’s conveniently located near Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Makati Central Business District, Ortigas Center, Greenbelt, and DLSU. Everything in this high-rise is super hi-tech. There are more than 1800 parking slots, efficient water distribution, a standby generator set, a fire alarm and smoke detection system, an automated sprinkler system, and all kinds of other hi-tech stuff you don’t have to know about.

These 10-foot high townhouses are ideal for families and have been designed to maximize space, comfort, and livability. Each unit has its own washer and dryer, large bedrooms, ample closets, and all the modern conveniences.

This is a very advantageous position for families, and it’s especially good for young people who want to start their families and have their own place to live. It doesn’t matter which part of town you live in. Every space in every neighborhood is a great place to start looking for an apartment. That’s because your first decision (where to live) really does have a domino effect on all the other choices in your life.

Property prices in the city of Manila are very high. If you are looking to buy real estate investments, you should consider living in another part of the Philippines where real estate is much more affordable. It’s not easy to get a great home in a prestigious district of a big city like Manila, especially if you are just starting out in life. Many of the city’s residents have been living in these areas for generations, so real estate prices are very high. If you can afford it, though, you too can live in a home that has been owned by your family for generations. But the demand for homes in the country’s most historic, strategically located city, especially in the Maravilla district, remains at an all-time high. 8990 Holdings, Inc. is a developer of technology which makes it possible for people with even the most modest incomes to have their email messages delivered to them immediately as they come in. 

Urban Deca Homes Tondo is located near the Harbour Center Port Terminal and overlooks Manila Bay. It’s a beautiful community, where you’ll find peace and tranquility amidst the bustle of the city. Urban forests are a great idea. They provide shelter and sanctuary for wildlife and promote healthy living for us humans. 

In addition to being conveniently located near the University Belt area, the urban decay home buyers in Tondo enjoy the benefits of living in a quiet, gated community where they are within walking distance to all of the urban decay homes for sale. Living in a quiet, gated community also means they will have a more peaceful existence as compared to living in an urban setting with a high crime rate. This residential complex is a great place for professionals, such as professors, teachers, and academic staff, to live close to where they work. It’s a great choice for those on a budget, too!

Designed yet comfy community…that is more than an impressively (and efficiently) designed yet comfortable business. Another reason the condo is so appealing is because it was designed with complex living in mind. The architects aimed to make life easy and convenient for the residents in the building, too. One of the best features of the Urban Deca Homes development is the amazing retail options, including a grocery store, restaurants, convenience stores, and a full-service salon and spa. There’s also an indoor pool, a game room, a library, a movie theater, a fitness center, and more.

You get more living space than the one-bedroom unit, which has 21.25 square meters of total floor area. The Lazy Man’s Bed And Breakfast! This option is great for a young couple or an urbanite professional. It features a single bedroom, a cozy, yet efficiently laid out living, dining, and kitchen areas. This version of the villa comes with its own private pool and tennis court, and it even includes its own washer and dryer.

The smallest apartment that comes with washers and dryers is the studio, which measures 33.41 square meters. This model comes with a fully-equipped kitchen, a washer/dryer area, a cozy master bedroom with a queen bed, a second bedroom with two single beds, a private bath, and a shared living room and dining area with a fully-equipped kitchen.

If you are a serious student of real estate, you will love this property. It features 23 square meters of terrace with sea views, an amazing 60 square meters of garage and an optional 100 square meter lot that could be used for parking or storage. The other choice for the luxury apartment buyer is a three-bedroom unit, which features a master’s bedroom, a second bedroom, a full bathroom, a separate powder room (which means there is an additional full bathroom within the unit, and living, dining, and kitchen areas that are quite spacious.

The community center will include a gym with treadmills, exercise bikes, free weights and a pool. There will be an outdoor basketball court and a tennis court. The community will also have beautiful landscaping and other amenities.

Deca Homes Tondo is a premier Condo project in Manila, Philippines that is available for sale. It has several floor plans ranging in size from 700 square feet to 2,200 square feet.  You’ll discover what makes these homes so special, how to identify them and get the exact address. This is the most up-to-date info on the Tondo Homes for sale in Manila available anywhere online. You’ll find detailed info about all units, including floor plans and specs, photos and virtual tours, prices, and availability. Plus, you can choose from an array of payment options, including no interest or low interest “pay-as-you-go” financing.