Smile Citihomes Condo

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Quezon City, Smile Citihomes Condo offers an ideal blend of comfort, community, and convenience. This progressive condo development caters to young professionals and growing families’ urban lifestyle needs, providing an affordable but quality living space. With its mid-rise buildings and an active condo association, Smile Citihomes ensures a well-maintained, secure, and friendly community environment.

Location and Its Significance

Smile Citihomes Condo’ location in Kaligayahan, Quezon City, places it at the epicenter of opportunities. Quezon City, known as the city of stars, shines brightly in the constellation of Metro Manila, hosting various businesses, educational institutions, and lifestyle amenities. The location offers unparalleled access to the rest of the metropolis, making it an attractive option for those seeking to balance work, leisure, and family life. The proximity to schools, hospitals, government offices, malls, and transportation hubs make Smile Citihomes not just a place to live but thrive.

The Appeal of Smile Citihomes Condo

The Affordable Condo Lifestyle

Smile Citihomes Condo has successfully redefined urban living by offering an affordable and high-quality lifestyle. Each unit is designed to maximize space, providing residents with a comfortable and functional living area. Despite its affordability, Smile Citihomes doesn’t skimp on the convenience and comfort that condo living usually offers. 

The development has a commercial area for your daily needs, open spaces for leisure activities, and a friendly atmosphere, making it a perfect choice for those yearning for an economical yet enriching condo lifestyle.

Security and Community-Focused Environment

In addition to affordability, Smile Citihomes takes pride in providing a secure and community-focused environment. The safety of residents is paramount, with roving guards, gated entrances, and 24-hour security services ensuring peace of mind. The active condo association cultivates community, encouraging neighborliness, cooperation, and shared responsibility. The children’s play area and basketball court provide social interaction and community bonding opportunities. This focus on security and community enhances the appeal of Smile Citihomes, offering residents a place to live and a community to belong to.

Condo Living at Smile Citihomes Condo

The Convenience and Accessibility of the Location

Living at Smile Citihomes Condo means enjoying the convenience and accessibility that the location offers. Situated in Kaligayahan, Quezon City, this condo development brings the city to your doorstep. The nearby Quirino Highway effortlessly connects you to the rest of Metro Manila, making daily commutes a breeze. Whether heading to work, running errands, or exploring the city, Smile Citihomes’ strategic location minimizes travel time and maximizes your time for the things that truly matter.

Proximity to Major City Establishments

Smile Citihomes Condo is positioned within arm’s reach of major city establishments, enhancing its residents’ quality of urban life. A quick drive or short walk will take you to popular malls such as SM Fairview, Fairview Terraces, and Robinsons Novaliches. Reputable educational institutions and hospitals are also nearby, offering easy access to essential services. This proximity to crucial city establishments not only brings convenience but also provides opportunities for work, study, and leisure, further elevating the experience of condo living at Smile Citihomes.

Smile Citihomes Condo: Cost and Financing Options

Price Range of the Condo Units

Smile Citihomes Condo has made a name for itself by offering some of the most budget-friendly condo units today. These units, ranging from P416,000 to P619,000 depending on size, present an exceptional value proposition. With each unit providing at least 30 square meters of floor space, the development offers a practical choice for those looking to invest in a pre-owned yet well-maintained property. Moreover, rental options are also available, with monthly rates starting as low as P5,500, making it a viable option for professionals working in nearby areas.

Financing Options and Considerations

Smile Citihomes Condo is committed to making home ownership easier through various financing options. Buyers can secure a loan from Pag-IBIG or a commercial bank after settling the downpayment. However, for pre-owned units, in-house financing may not be available. As each seller may have different conditions, consulting directly with them is recommended to understand the most suitable financing option. Regardless of your chosen method, Smile Citihomes enables a smoother, more manageable path toward owning your dream home.

Smile Citihomes Condo: Features and Amenities

Security Features

At Smile Citihomes, the safety of the residents is a top priority. The development boasts a comprehensive security system that ensures a peaceful living environment. A roving guard team vigilantly monitors the community, and the entrances are strictly gated and guarded. Round-the-clock security services add an extra layer of protection, offering residents peace of mind knowing they are in a safe and secure environment.

Leisure and Relaxation Options

Living at Smile Citihomes Condo is not just about comfort but about enjoying life to the fullest. The development features open spaces, including a children’s play area and a basketball court, where residents can engage in leisure activities, keep fit, and interact with their neighbors. The rooftop area provides a perfect spot to unwind, offering panoramic city views that can be enjoyed day or night.

Nearby Amenities and Establishments

Convenience is a cornerstone of the Smile Citihomes experience. Its prime location puts residents close to a range of amenities and establishments. Markets, dining spots, and convenience stores are just around the corner, making daily necessities easily accessible. Moreover, several public transport options are available in the area, offering easy commutes to the eastern and southern portions of Metro Manila. With such convenience, living at Smile Citihomes truly feels like having the city at your fingertips.

The Neighborhood: Kaligayahan, Quezon City

Overview of the Neighborhood

Kaligayahan, the neighborhood where Smile Citihomes Condo is situated, is a bustling barangay in Quezon City. It’s an area that beautifully blends the vibrancy of city life with a sense of community warmth. Home to various residential developments, it also hosts an array of small to medium-sized businesses and educational institutions. This thriving environment offers a unique urban living experience where convenience and community coexist.

Nearby Landmarks and Establishments

The locality of Smile Citihomes is dotted with many landmarks and establishments. St. Theresa School of Novaliches, Kaligayahan Elementary School, Our Lady of Fatima University – Quezon City, and Quezon City University are all within reach. Top-rated hospitals like Nodado General Hospital, Neopolitan General Hospital, San Lorenzo Hospital, and Commonwealth Hospital and Medical Center are just a short distance away. Furthermore, malls like SM City Fairview, Ayala Malls Fairview Terraces, Robinsons Novaliches, Novaliches Plaza Mall, and SM City Novaliches make shopping and leisure activities readily accessible. Smile Citihomes’ strategic location is a vibrant hub amidst these significant city landmarks.

How to Get to Smile Citihomes Condo

Major Access Points

Getting to Smile Citihomes Condo is a breeze, thanks to its proximity to major city arteries. The development is easily accessible via Commonwealth Avenue, Don Mariano Marcos Avenue, and Quirino Highway. These primary routes provide convenient entry and exit points, making Smile Citihomes easily reachable, whether from the heart of Quezon City or the outskirts of Metro Manila.

Public Transportation Options

For those relying on public transportation, Smile Citihomes Condo is equally accessible. From the LRT-2 Cubao station, one can take a bus or jeep heading towards SM City Fairview. From there, a short six-minute journey separates you from Smile Citihomes, with tricycles readily available for the final leg of your commute. With its strategic location and multiple public transportation options, reaching Smile Citihomes is simple and stress-free, adding to the appeal of this exceptional condo development.


Smile Citihomes Condo, with its affordable yet quality condo units, presents an attractive option for young professionals and growing families. Its strategic location in Quezon City offers unmatched accessibility to key city establishments, from malls to schools to hospitals. The secure, community-focused environment fosters a sense of belonging, while the variety of leisure options caters to residents’ lifestyle needs. These compelling attributes, coupled with the convenience of nearby amenities and accessible transportation options, make Smile Citihomes a truly appealing choice for urban living.

Smile Citihomes is a wise investment in an increasingly competitive property market. It offers a comfortable home and promises a lifestyle that balances work, leisure, and community interaction. Its affordability and range of financing options bring homeownership within reach of many.

Investing in Smile Citihomes means investing in a vibrant community, a convenient location, and a quality lifestyle. In essence, it’s more than just a property; it’s a place to call home in the city’s heart.

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