Self Leveling Laser Level 360

Heavy Duty 3 Plane Construction Laser Levels 3D Green Rechargeable for Contractor Tiling Ceiling, Class Ⅱ, P3-360G

Laser Specification: Class II, compliant with IEC 60825-1:2014, emitting less than 1mW power at 520nm wavelength.

Robust and Reliable Construction: The DOVOH P3-360G 3D laser level boasts an advanced core assembly that withstands impacts and vibrations, maintaining precision and functionality. Its injection-molded rubber housing minimizes damage risk, while a metal cover shields the laser diode from drops.

Enhanced Green Beam Visibility: Utilizing a high-power laser diode made in Germany, the DOVOH 3 plane laser level casts a bright green beam that maintains its visibility and clarity over long distances. With pulse mode activated, its operational range extends to 197ft when used with a laser level receiver.

Extended Power with Dual Batteries: Included are two 2600mAh lithium batteries, providing long-lasting power to the DOVOH 360 green laser level. It features onboard battery charging and can also be powered via USB cable for continuous operation.

Versatile Magnetic Bracket: The laser level comes with a robust magnetic bracket equipped with an adjustable clip, ideal for ceiling grid installations. Compatible with tripods featuring 1/4”-20 or 5/8”-11 screws, it offers flexible mounting options.

Guaranteed Precision for 5 Years: DOVOH commits to delivering laser levels of unparalleled accuracy and reliability by implementing rigorous calibration and inspection processes. A 5-year accuracy warranty and a 2-year quality warranty cover performance and durability for normal use.

Self Leveling Laser 360

DOVOH 4D Laser Level 360 Self Leveling : High Accuracy Green Beam Rechargeable 4×360 Floor Laser Levels for Construction Tiling Ceiling Framing, Class Ⅱ, P4-360G

This device emits a laser with less than 1mW power at a wavelength of 520nm.

5-Year Accuracy Assurance: DOVOH pledges that its laser levels will retain their specified accuracy over a five-year period, demonstrating a commitment to quality and precision. Accompanied by a 2-year warranty for quality-related issues from normal usage, DOVOH ensures both the product’s performance and its lasting reliability.

Enhanced Core Durability: The DOVOH P4-360G 360 Laser Level features an advanced core assembly upgrade, bolstering its durability and resilience against impacts, vibrations, and environmental conditions that could compromise its accuracy or reliability. Its injection-molded rubber housing further increases its shock resistance.

Multi-Directional 4D Laser Level: Equipped with two horizontal and two vertical lasers, this 4D laser level is designed for versatility across various applications. The top laser is ideal for ceiling installations, while the bottom laser’s proximity to the floor suits it perfectly for tiling. It’s adaptable for an extensive range of construction and renovation projects.

Flexible Charging Solutions: Offering dual power options, this 360 self-leveling laser level can be operated by battery or via USB cable when the battery is depleted. The in-device charging feature for the battery eliminates the need for battery removal, providing convenience and saving time. The inclusion of dual batteries ensures extended operation periods.

Self-Leveling and Manual Modes: The 16-line laser level automatically achieves level within a ±4-degree range in self-leveling mode, signaling through beeps and blinks when it falls out of this range. In manual mode, the laser line can be locked at any desired angle, enhancing flexibility during use.