Living in Playa Calatagan Village is like living in luxury

Landco Pacific’s Playa Calatagan Village is considered a 78-hectare tropical paradise in Batangas. Residents will be fortunate enough to live in the exclusive and planned coastal residential community of Playa Calatagan Village in Barangay Sta. Ana, Calatagan. It boasts amazing tropical Asian architecture, perfectly suited to the climate of the Philippines. Living inside Playa Calatagan Village is like living in the comfort of your own beachfront residence.

Why Playa Calatagan Village is a perfect choice for you

The best thing about Playa Calatagan Village is its unique features. It’s a beachfront community, so residents who own Playa Calatagan Village for sale or rent will feel like they’re on vacation every time they return home. It’s like living in a nursing home 24/7. As such, residents will surely always feel relaxed and peaceful, especially with the soothing sound of the sea as the background music. Landco Pacific’s Playa Calatagan Village is one of the top choices for those looking to stay in a location with resort-like amenities, even if it’s a purely residential area. Residents of the village of Playa Calatagan in Barangay Sta. Ana, Calatagan will be able to temporarily get away from the hustle and bustle of the city when they come home.

Playa Calatagan Village Features and Amenities

Playa Calatagan Village for Sale or Rent offers a range of amenities that are virtually the epitome of beach life at its finest. One of the main attractions in Playa Calatagan village is the Aquaria water park. This provides a fun and relaxing summer experience for residents and visitors all year round. In addition, Playa Calatagan Village has a spacious clubhouse that can organize small gatherings, events or parties. There are also several parks scattered around the Village, as well as gardens and shops. Landco Pacific’s Playa Calatagan Village boasts features such as the Beach Club, Hilltop Clubhouse, Amphitheater Park and Bamboo Park.

Highlights of the Development

Playa Calatagan Village in Barangay Sta. Ana, Calatagan also boasts the pristine Calatagan Swimming Beach. The large unspoiled beach combined with fine white sand creates a standard for amenities worthy of a resort. Residents enjoy their own sea paradise from the comfort of their own home. The Playa Calatagan village for sale offers residents the chance to soak up the sun’s rays if they’re city dwellers during the weekends. Playa Calatagan Village is definitely a feast for the senses and certainly a feast for the eyes.