As you meticulously plan the remainder of your year, it is essential to consider and mark the following dates on your calendar. This strategic approach involves identifying key events, significant birthdays, and, naturally, official holidays. In this context, we harken back to the announcement made in October of the previous year as we delve into the year 2023.

To ensure a comprehensive understanding of your schedule, it is imperative to heed this call: take note of upcoming free days and skillfully allocate your work leaves. The following compilation, officially declared by President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. through Proclamation No. 90, Series of 2022, enumerates the regular holidays, special non-working holidays, and special working holidays for the year.

Under the stewardship of the new administration, Malacañang formally ratified these dates in August 2022. They are as follows:

Philippine Holiday

2023 Regular Holidays

January 1SundayNew Year’s Day
April 6ThursdayMaundy Thursday
April 7FridayGood Friday
April 10MondayDay of Valor (Araw ng Kagitingan)
April 21FridayEid’l Fitr (Feast of Ramadhan)
May 1MondayLabor Day
June 12MondayIndependence Day
June 28WednesdayEid’l Adha (Feast of Sacrifice)
August 28MondayNational Heroes Day
November 27MondayBonifacio Day
December 25MondayChristmas Day
December 30SaturdayRizal Day

2023 Special Non-Working Holidays

February 24FridayEDSA People Power Revolution Anniversary
April 8SaturdayBlack Saturday
August 21MondayNinoy Aquino Day
November 1WednesdayAll Saints’ Day
December 8FridayFeast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary
December 31SundayLast Day of the Year

2023 Additional Special Non-Working Holiday

October 30
(Barangay and SK Elections)
November 2 Thursday
January 2Monday

2023 List of Long Weekends

November 1 to 5Five days*All Saints’ Day & All Souls’ Day
November 25 to 27Three daysBonifacio Day
December 8 to 10Three daysFeast of the Immaculate Concepcion
December 23 to 25Three daysChristmas Day
December 30, 2023 to January 1, 2024Three daysRizal Day, Last Day of the Year, and New Year’s Day

*Take a leave on November 3.

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. has affixed his signature to Proclamation No. 368, which comprises the roster of both regular and special non-working holidays for the upcoming year.

The official endorsement of these dates by Malacañang was executed in October of 2023. The enumerated holidays are as follows:

2024 Regular Holidays

January 1MondayNew Year’s Day
March 28ThursdayMaundy Thursday
March 29FridayGood Friday
April 9TuesdayDay of Valor (Araw ng Kagitingan)
May 1WednesdayLabor Day
June 12WednesdayIndependence Day
August 26MondayNational Heroes Day
November 30SaturdayBonifacio Day
December 25WednesdayChristmas Day
December 30MondayRizal Day

2024 Special Non-Working Holidays

February 10SaturdayChinese New Year
March 30Black SaturdayBlack Saturday
August 21WednesdayNinoy Aquino Day
November 1FridayAll Saints’ Day
November 2SaturdayAll Souls’ Day
December 8SundayFeast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary
December 24TuesdayChristmas Eve
December 31TuesdayLast Day of the Year