Pasig Zip Code

Pasig City, a component city of Metro Manila, previously served as the capital of the Rizal province. Situated on the eastern side of the metro, Pasig is home to one of Manila’s financial hubs, the Ortigas Center. Visitors and tourists will find a wealth of activities and sights in the city, thanks to its numerous malls, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, cafes, and sports and recreational facilities.

Meanwhile, Pateros stands as the sole municipality within Metro Manila and is the smallest in terms of land area, covering just slightly over two square kilometers. Known for its duck-raising industry, Pateros supplies the Filipino delicacy, Balut (boiled fertilized duck embryo in shell) and salted red eggs.

Pasig City’s various areas, along with their corresponding ZIP codes and phone area codes, are as follows:

Pasig Zip Code | Postal Code Pasig

PasigZIP CodePhone Area Code
Green Park16122
Ortigas PO16052
Pasig CPO16002
San Joaquin16012
Sta. Lucia16082
Sta. Ana16212
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Understanding the List for Pasig

Pasig City, known for its bustling business districts and residential areas, has various locations each with its specific ZIP code and a shared phone area code.

Key Areas in Pasig

  • Caniogan (ZIP: 1606): A residential area known for its peaceful neighborhoods.
  • Kapitolio (ZIP: 1603): Popular for its hip and trendy dining spots and cafes.
  • Manggahan (ZIP: 1611): A mix of residential and industrial development.
  • Ortigas PO (ZIP: 1605): This area includes part of the Ortigas Business Center, a major commercial hub.
  • Pasig CPO (ZIP: 1600): The Central Post Office area, serving as the primary postal hub of the city.
  • Rosario (ZIP: 1609): Known for its commercial establishments and vibrant community life.

Pasig ZIP Codes and Their Significance

  • ZIP Codes (1600 to 1612): Each ZIP code in Pasig corresponds to a specific area, crucial for mail and delivery services.
  • Area Code (2): Pasig shares the area code “2” with Metro Manila, important for landline communications.

Exploring Pateros

Pateros, the only remaining municipality in Metro Manila, is known for its traditional industry of balut (duck egg) production.

Pateros’ Key Locations

  • Aguho (ZIP: 1620): A residential area with a local community feel.
  • Sta. Ana (ZIP: 1621): Known for its historical sites and local culture.

Pateros ZIP Codes and Area Code

  • ZIP Codes (1620, 1621): These codes are essential for postal services within Pateros.
  • Area Code (2): Pateros shares the area code “2” with the rest of Metro Manila, essential for landline phone services.


Pasig and Pateros, each with its unique charm and character, are integral parts of Metro Manila’s tapestry. Understanding the ZIP codes and area codes of these areas is not just a practical necessity; it’s about connecting with the communities and the vibrant life in these areas. Whether for postal purposes, telecommunication, or exploring what these areas have to offer, this guide is a valuable resource for navigating the diverse landscapes of Pasig and Pateros.