Marikina Zip Code

Marikina City, nestled on the eastern side of Metro Manila, is renowned for its top-tier shoe production. The city hosts a wealth of tourist attractions such as the Marikina River Park, the Philippine Science Centrum, and The Riverbanks Center. A must-visit is the Shoe Museum, which not only showcases the world’s largest pair of shoes, as recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records, but also houses the extravagant shoe collection of the former first lady, Imelda Marcos.

Marikina Zip Code | Marikina Postal Code

LocationZIP CodePhone Area Code
Bagong Nayon18202
Conception 118072
Conception 218112
Industrial Valley18022
J de la Pena18042
Marikina CPO18002
Marikina Heights18102
North/West of Marikina River18062
San Roque-Calumpang18012

Marikina’s various neighborhoods each have their own unique ZIP Codes and share a phone area code of 2. For instance, Bagong Nayon and Cogeo share the ZIP Code 1820, while Barangka and Tañong share 1803. Conception 1 has the ZIP Code 1807, while Conception 2 is 1811. ZIP Codes for other regions include 1802 for Industrial Valley, 1804 for J de la Pena, 1805 for Malanday, and 1800 for Marikina CPO. Marikina Heights has the ZIP Code 1810, Nangka is 1808, and the area North/West of Marikina River is 1806. Parang carries the ZIP Code 1809, and San Roque-Calumpang is 1801.

For those with a religious inclination or an interest in historical sites, several churches in Marikina are worth exploring. The Our Lady of the Abandoned Church, St. Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows Parish, Jesus de la Peña Chapel, and St. Paul of the Cross Parish each offer a unique spiritual experience. Adding to the city’s charm are the Lamp Quarter’s food park, Puto Avenue, and the Roman Garden. All these places serve as fantastic highlights to any visit to Marikina City.

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