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Mesaverte Residences CDO: Your Ideal Home in Cagayan de Oro

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Mesaverte Residences CDO: Your Ideal Home in Cagayan de Oro

Mesaverte Residences CDO

Are you searching for the perfect place to call home in Cagayan de Oro, Misamis Oriental? Look only as far as Mesaverte Residences in Barangay 25.

This idyllic condominium complex offers a place to live and a lifestyle of convenience, comfort, and potential investment growth. Let’s explore what makes Mesaverte Residences the ideal choice for your next home.

Why Choose to Buy in Cagayan de Oro?

Like many other growing cities, Cagayan de Oro experiences an annual increase in living expenses, with housing costs being a significant contributor. This has led many to ponder the age-old question: is buying or renting a home better? Considering the steady growth in property prices per square meter in Misamis Oriental, purchasing a condominium in Barangay 25 could be more financially prudent.

When you invest in a condominium in this area, you’re not just buying a place to live but also a piece of a growing real estate market. To make this investment even more accessible, various banks and government agencies, such as Pag-IBIG Fund, GSIS, and SSS, offer flexible loan options to help you secure your dream condominium in Misamis Oriental.

Mesaverte Residences

Mesaverte Residences is an exceptional choice among the condominiums available in Cagayan de Oro. Over the last two years, the property prices in Barangay 25 have shown promising signs of long-term value growth. Here are some key features that make Mesaverte Residences a wise investment:

  1. Prime Location: Mesaverte Residences is at the heart of Cagayan de Oro City, offering unparalleled accessibility to essential establishments, including co-working spaces, entertainment hubs, retail shops, dining options, fitness centers, banks, and landscaped parks. Schools, hospitals, offices, shopping centers, convenience stores, and transportation networks are all within easy reach, ensuring a hassle-free lifestyle.
  2. Green Sanctuary: This residential haven spans a generous 8,740 square meters, with 60% of the area dedicated to open spaces. Mesaverte Residences is beautifully landscaped, providing a calm and relaxing environment amidst the urban hustle and bustle.
  3. Exclusive Living: Comprising three towers in two phases, each with 15 floors, Mesaverte Residences offers an exclusive living experience. It’s your tranquil hideaway after a long, busy day.
  4. Recreational Facilities: The condominium complex boasts a range of recreational facilities, including swimming pools, clubhouses, function halls, multipurpose courts, and activity centers. Whether you enjoy swimming or hosting gatherings, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to embrace your hobbies and interests.

mesaverte residences available units

mesaverte residences unit

Ready to find your dream home? Contact Real Estate Agent Ray Rodica at 09487812127 for more details and to schedule house visits.

mesaverte residences cebu landmaster

Mesaverte Residences Cagayan de Oro

Reserve Your Unit Today!

If Mesaverte Residences in Cagayan de Oro has piqued your interest, it’s time to take the next step. Reserve your unit today by following these simple steps:

  1. Authorization Letter (CLI SPA): Prepare an authorization letter authorizing the seller to reserve and sign the reservation documents.
  2. Buyer’s Information Sheet (BIS): Complete and sign the Buyer’s Information Sheet with all the necessary details.
  3. Valid Government-Issued IDs: Provide two valid government-issued IDs with three specimen signatures. If married, both spouses must provide their IDs.
  4. Proof of TIN Numbers: Present proof of Tax Identification Numbers (TIN) for both spouses.
  5. Reservation Fee: Pay the reservation fee through check or online payment. If paying online, claim the reference number from the Treasury Department to complete the reservation process.

Before finalizing your purchase, compare the price of your chosen unit to the average price per square meter in Cagayan de Oro. You can find more price information in different locations in Barangay 25 by checking the price index section of Lamudi within project listings. This historical data will help you see how your investment can appreciate over time.

As you evaluate prices, don’t forget to consider the different model units and floor areas to ensure that your chosen Mesaverte Residences condominium in Misamis Oriental perfectly suits your modern lifestyle.

Make the intelligent choice and secure your future with a home in Mesaverte Residences Cagayan de Oro – where convenience, comfort, and investment potential come together in one perfect package. Reserve your unit today and embrace a brighter future in this thriving city.

Mesaverte Residences Photos

The generous 8,740 sqm prime residential area is beautifully landscaped with 60% dedicated to open space for a calm relaxing environment.

Don’t miss out on your dream home! Reach out to Real Estate Agent Ray Rodica at 09487812127 to learn more and arrange house viewings.

mesaverte garden residences

mesaverte residences

mesaverte residences cagayan de oro

Mesaverte Garden Residences

It is composed of 3 towers that are built in 2 phases. Each building has 15 floors adjacent to each other creating a tranquil hideaway after a long busy day.

At MesaVerte, enjoy unparalleled accessibility, convenience and exclusivity at the heart of downtown CDO.

Mesaverte Residences Address

A blooming green sanctuary located at the heart of Cagayan de Oro City

mesaverte residences address

Your dream home is just a call away! Dial Real Estate Agent Ray Rodica at 09487812127 to get all the information you need and set up house tours.


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