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Altea Ciudades Davao: A Fusion of Modernity, and Elegance

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Altea Ciudades Davao: A Fusion of Modernity, and Elegance

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Altea at Ciudades Davao, an innovative residential haven that marries tradition with modernity, elegantly enveloped in luxury. This exquisite blend creates a unique living experience, setting Altea apart as an embodiment of a new-age Filipino lifestyle that appreciates the richness of our heritage while valuing the conveniences of contemporary living.

This 8-hectare gem in the heart of Davao City is not just a place to reside; it’s a lifestyle destination that redefines what it means to live life to the fullest. With an assortment of 100 square meter lots available at a price that guarantees value for your money, Altea opens up a world of promising opportunities for homeownership that feels as rewarding as it is exclusive.

Altea truly stands out, however, in its strategic location within Altea Ciudades Davao- a groundbreaking integrated mixed-use development envisioned to cater to the expanding institutional, industrial, commercial, recreational, and residential needs of Davao City and the entire region.

Altea Davao, fuelled by a unique and profound vision, takes real estate innovation to the next level. This development introduces El Centro, a breathtaking 12-hectare spread of luxuriant natural splendor with dedicated areas for education, sports, wellness, and retail. Marking a first for Davao City, El Centro brings the central park concept to life, advocating for a balanced, well-rounded lifestyle centered around health, recreation, and education.

Altea Ciudades Davao

In essence, Altea at Ciudades doesn’t just offer a place to live; it offers a lifestyle to embrace, punctuated with an original panache, vigor, and dynamism where everything you need and desire is within reach. So come and discover what it truly means to experience life in full bloom at Altea at Ciudades. A world of elegance, luxury, and comfort awaits you.

Unveiling the Charm of Altea at Ciudades Davao

Davao City, known for its rich culture, beautiful landscapes, and modern facilities, now offers a new destination for those seeking an elevated residential experience – Altea at Ciudades Davao. This distinguished development marks a magnificent blend of tradition and modernity, encapsulated in elegance and luxury.

Sprawled over 8 hectares of prime land, Altea offers an enticing array of affordable 100-square-meter lots. This project isn’t just about acquiring property; it’s about investing in a future of promising possibilities and enriching life experiences.

Strategically located within Ciudades’s more significant integrated mixed-use development, Altea is perfectly positioned to cater to the evolving requirements of Davao City and the surrounding region. This burgeoning urban and recreational center is designed to support the expansion of institutional, industrial, commercial, and residential needs.

Ciudades, powered by a unique and forward-thinking vision, push the boundaries of real estate innovation. The heart of this development is El Centro, a 12-hectare lush oasis accentuated with dedicated zones for education, sports, wellness, and retail. As Davao City’s first central park concept, El Centro champions a holistic and well-rounded lifestyle, promoting health, recreation, and education for all residents.

Altea at Ciudades Davao, therefore, doesn’t just offer you a home, but it introduces you to a lifestyle replete with vibrancy, dynamism, and a unique flair. Everything you’ve ever desired is now within arm’s reach.

Experience the thrill of living in a community that embodies a panache and provides easy access to life’s essentials. Embrace the perfect blend of tradition and modernity, nature and urbanity, and exclusivity and affordability at Altea at Ciudades Davao. This is more than just a home – it’s a lifestyle waiting to be discovered and cherished.

Spotlight on the Unique Features of Altea at Ciudades

Immerse yourself in a realm of uniqueness and privilege as we unveil the features that set Altea at Ciudades apart from other residential communities. Located in the bustling city of Davao, this residential gem marries practicality and luxury, inviting its residents into a world teeming with comfort and convenience.

From the moment you step through Altea’s fully landscaped entrance, complete with a guardhouse, you are welcomed into a meticulously planned community that harmonizes nature and modern infrastructure. The vast, concrete road network presents easy navigation through the estate, enhancing the quality of living. In contrast, the shade trees lining these roads provide a refreshing view and a calming ambiance.

An essential part of the Altea experience is its community clubhouse, equipped with various amenities to enrich your lifestyle. Here, you’ll find a swimming pool for leisurely afternoons under the sun, a basketball court for active sports engagements, and a children’s playground where young ones can frolic in safety. These amenities are thoughtfully designed to foster an active and healthy lifestyle among the residents.

Infrastructure is one of many considerations in Altea’s development. The underground storm drainage system, electrical facilities, and a centralized interrelated water system showcase the commitment to ensuring the residents’ convenience and safety. Paved sidewalks with concrete curbs and gutters add to the harmonious aesthetic of the residential community. At the same time, mercury lamps along the roads provide safety and security during the night.

But Altea’s appeal extends beyond its gates. Its prime location in Davao City, as part of the Ciudades integrated development, places it at the heart of progress and excitement. The city’s gems are within easy reach, whether it’s the lush, 12-hectare El Centro park, educational institutions, recreational centers, or commercial establishments.

Each feature of Altea at Ciudades is a testament to a vision brought to life—an image of a community that caters to every aspect of its residents’ needs. It is where tradition, modernity, and nature come together perfectly, offering you a lifestyle like no other in Davao City. Welcome to Altea at Ciudades, where your dream of an ideal home becomes a reality.

Delving into the Exceptional Amenities of Altea at Ciudades

At Altea at Ciudades, your journey to a life of privilege and luxury begins when you cross the fully landscaped entrance gate, watched over by a 24/7 guardhouse. But the real magic unfolds as you explore the multitude of amenities that have been meticulously curated to ensure an enhanced quality of living.

The heart of the community is the vibrant community clubhouse, a central gathering spot where residents can meet, mingle, and create lasting memories. It is a testament to Altea’s commitment to fostering a vibrant, interactive community culture. Whether you’re celebrating special occasions or simply wanting to unwind, this space offers a relaxing and inviting ambiance.

For fitness enthusiasts and sports lovers, the basketball court is a place to engage in friendly games and foster camaraderie. It offers an excellent way to stay active while providing an avenue for social interaction.

Adjacent to this space, the inviting swimming pool, a refreshing oasis under the tropical sun, stands ready for those looking for a cool dip or a rigorous swim. Its proximity to the clubhouse makes it an ideal spot for hosting poolside parties or simply enjoying a day of relaxation.

The children’s playground is a haven for our youngest residents. Equipped with safe and engaging play facilities, it gives children an environment where they can let their imaginations run wild and create fun-filled memories.

The aesthetic of Altea doesn’t end at these communal spaces. The residential haven stretches its charm into its infrastructure. Wide, concrete road networks ensure easy movement around the community. Paved sidewalks with concrete curbs and gutters offer residents a safe and comfortable space for walking, jogging, or cycling.

One of the distinguishing features of Altea is its attention to essential services. The underground storm drainage system safeguards the community during heavy rainfalls, maintaining the beauty and safety of the surroundings. Equally important are the electrical facilities and the centralized interrelated water system, which assure residents of reliable utility services.

Finally, the enchanting environment created by shade trees along the road and the glowing mercury lamps provide a day and night charm to Altea, making each walk within the community a pleasing experience.

At Altea at Ciudades, every amenity and detail contributes to a holistic living experience. It’s more than just a residential estate; it’s a sanctuary where the comforts of modern living intertwine seamlessly with the allure of nature, a place you would be proud to call home.

Prime Location and Unparalleled Accessibility of Altea at Ciudades

Nestled in the heart of Buhangin, Davao del Sur, Altea at Ciudades holds a strategically chosen and beautifully situated location. This prime spot ensures that residents can enjoy a harmonious balance between the tranquility of suburban living and the bustling vibrancy of city life.

Getting to Altea at Ciudades is as straightforward as it is convenient. From the Buhangin Junction, journeying down Tigatto Road leads you directly to this residential haven. Along the way, landmarks like the Davao Merchant Marine Academy and Alta Monte Residential Estates mark your path, showcasing the desirable locale Altea calls home.

Within a short drive of just 12 minutes from Buhangin, Davao City, and across from Las Palmas Verdes, Altea emerges an embodiment of elegant living. Its proximity to key city areas makes it ideal for families and professionals seeking homes close to essential establishments.

The accessibility extends beyond mere travel convenience. Altea at Ciudades positions its residents within a stone’s throw of essential establishments such as schools, churches, malls, offices, and various restaurants. Whether you are a student aiming for quality education, a professional looking for a workplace nearby, or a family desiring the ease of urban conveniences, Altea offers a location that meets your needs.

Additionally, Altea is minutes away from El Centro, the first central park in Davao City, a significant development that aims to enhance the lifestyle of Davao’s residents. The historic San Pedro Cathedral and famous People’s Park are also easily reachable, catering to historical enthusiasts and nature lovers.

In a world where location plays a critical role in lifestyle, comfort, and opportunities, Altea at Ciudades is undeniably situated in one of Davao’s most promising and strategic locations. It allows residents to savor the charm of a tranquil residential haven while remaining closely connected to the heart of the city’s life and vibrancy.

Discovering Affordability and Investment Opportunities at Altea at Ciudades

The grandeur of Altea at Ciudades doesn’t just revolve around its amenities and prime location; it extends to its affordability and promising investment opportunities. Sta. Lucia Land’s Altea prides itself on creating an intersection where luxury and affordability meet, making the dream of owning a piece of this paradise a reality for many.

Altea provides affordable 100 sqm lots that ensure value for money without compromising the potential for property appreciation. It believes in making elegance and luxury accessible, allowing you to invest in real estate that promises a comfortable lifestyle today and substantial returns in the future.

Investing in Altea means more than just owning a residential lot; it’s about acquiring a property in Davao’s first integrated mixed-use and master-planned township development, Ciudades. This development will become the city’s premier business and industrial hub, which will inevitably boost property values in the area, proving advantageous to investors.

Moreover, financing your property at Altea has been made simple with the availability of various affordable housing loans. Options like the PAG-IBIG Housing Loan and commercial bank housing loans can assist prospective buyers, making the purchasing process more comfortable and the dream of owning a home more attainable.

The PAG-IBIG Housing Loan, a fund dedicated to providing an affordable shelter financing scheme for Filipinos, allows members to borrow money from the fund for property purchases. On the other hand, major commercial banks in the Philippines offer housing loans with affordable interest rates, with terms of up to 20 to 25 years, depending on the purpose of the loan.

Considering all these elements, Altea at Ciudades stands as an embodiment of tasteful living and a lucrative investment opportunity. It’s where you can build a home for your family and a financially promising future, all in one prime location. Discover the unique blend of comfort, luxury, and investment potential that Altea at Ciudades offers.

Exploring Financing Options for Acquiring Property in Altea at Ciudades

Owning a piece of Altea at Ciudades can be a reality, thanks to various flexible and accessible financing options available for prospective homeowners. These financing options are designed to make the purchasing process more manageable and affordable, taking you one step closer to living the dream lifestyle you deserve in Altea.

PAG-IBIG Housing Loan (HDMF) is one of the most popular financing options. This fund, also known as the Home Development Mutual Fund, is dedicated to establishing a national savings program and an affordable shelter financing scheme for Filipinos. It allows members to borrow money from the fund to purchase a property or renovate or improve existing properties. The best part? PAG-IBIG Fund members can pay off their housing loan over a period as long as 30 years, making it a convenient option for many Filipinos.

If you’re considering banking institutions for your loan needs, central commercial banks in the Philippines also offer housing loans with relatively affordable interest rates compared to PAG-IBIG. Housing loan interest rates from these banks range from 4.99% to 7.5% for a one-year fixed loan period and 7.5% to 9.75% for a ten-year fixed period mortgage, with terms of up to 20 to 25 years. The loan term may depend on the loan’s purpose.

Each option offers its own benefits, and the best choice will depend on your specific financial situation and long-term goals. It’s essential to consult with a financial advisor or directly with the loan providers to understand the terms and conditions thoroughly.

By taking advantage of these financing options, you can make your dream of owning a property in Altea at Ciudades come true. It’s time to step towards an improved quality of life where luxury meets affordability. Enjoy the unique blend of comfort, elegance, and modern living in Altea at Ciudades, where the life you’ve always dreamed of is within your reach.

Masterplan and Future Developments at Altea at Ciudades

Residing in Altea means immersing yourself in the well-designed, comprehensive plan that is the hallmark of the Ciudades development. The master plan for Altea and the broader Ciudades project brings a new level of innovation and foresight to residential community planning.

The Ciudades master plan aims to make the community self-sufficient, integrating residential, commercial, and recreational facilities into one cohesive design. A notable aspect of this masterplan is the integration of Altea with FIRST MINDANAO INDUSTRIAL PARK (FMIP), Davao’s leading business and industrial hub, and EL CENTRO, a commercial park set to cater to the commercial, institutional, and leisure needs of the residents. This future-forward approach will bring employment opportunities closer to home, reducing commute times and increasing quality of life.

Furthermore, the master plan outlines a forthcoming Transport and Market hub conveniently across Altea. This hub will further increase the convenience for residents, bringing essential services and goods within arm’s reach.

Altea has been meticulously planned to ensure an optimal living experience for residents. Every community aspect, from the generously spaced 100-square-meter lots to the vast, tree-lined streets and comprehensive amenities, has been designed with residents’ comfort and convenience.

The future of Altea at Ciudades is bright, with more developments planned to enhance the living experience further. These plans will cement Altea’s status as an exemplary residential community that offers an unmatched lifestyle in the heart of Davao City.

In summary, the master plan for Altea at Ciudades combines functionality and luxury, marrying comfort with convenience. It represents a well-rounded lifestyle that aligns with the future and offers residents a dynamic and engaging living environment, perfect for creating memorable experiences with loved ones.

Convenience and Proximity to Essential Establishments

Living at Altea at Ciudades brings a world of convenience to your doorstep. Strategically situated in Buhangin, Davao del Sur, this residential haven ensures you’re always within the essentials. Altea’s prime location puts residents within a comfortable distance from many establishments, reinforcing the concept of stress-free living.

A quick stroll or short drive takes you to numerous nearby supermarkets. Buhangin Public Market is just a stone’s throw away, offering fresh produce, meat, and local delicacies. A little further off, you’ll find Save More Lanang and Robinsons Cybergate Davao, providing various options for grocery shopping and retail needs.

Educational institutions are within close reach, fostering easy commutes for students. Buhangin Central Elementary School and Bernardo D. Carpio National High School are just minutes away, with other reputable institutions like Fatima De Davao School and Ananga Marga Special Academic Institution also nearby. This proximity to schools underscores Altea’s commitment to promoting academic excellence and convenience for families.

If you’re seeking culinary experiences, numerous restaurants surround Altea at Ciudades. Your cravings will undoubtedly be satisfied from Cafe Andressa to Uptown Restaurant and Alops Ihaw Ihaw. The nearby Green Heights Clubhouse also offers a venue for social gatherings and leisurely pursuits.

Regarding healthcare, Altea residents have easy access to a range of medical facilities. From Dela Cerna Hospital to Mindanao Heart Center and the Southern Philippines Medical Center, rest assured that top-tier medical care is within easy reach in emergencies or regular check-ups.

In conclusion, living at Altea at Ciudades means having everything within reach. The thoughtful location gives residents easy access to essential establishments, offering an unmatched convenience that complements the modern, active lifestyle. Whether it’s education, shopping, dining, or healthcare, Altea has you covered.

Sta. Lucia Land Incorporated: The Powerhouse Developer Behind Altea at Ciudades

Sta. Lucia Land Incorporated (SLLI) stands proudly as the driving force behind Altea at Ciudades. With a heritage rooted in excellence that dates back to 1972, SLLI has successfully carved out a significant place in the real estate industry. It’s synonymous with quality, innovation, and commitment, attributes prominently displayed in the stunning creation of Altea.

Emerging from the visionary Robles-Santos Family, SLLI initiated its journey with a focus on shaping residential communities that cater to the middle-class market segment. Over the decades, it has amassed an impressive portfolio, continuously expanding its horizons to touch diverse areas of the real estate industry. Today, it not only leads in creating exceptional residential communities but also excels in developing premier golf courses across the country.

Venturing into vertical residences, SLLI presents notable projects such as Santorini at Cainta, Rizal, bringing luxury living to new heights. However, the groundbreaking work at Altea at Ciudades solidifies its status as a pioneering developer. Here, SLLI combines affordability, comfort, and strategic location in one dynamic package, offering a lifestyle that most only dream of.

Beyond just creating properties, SLLI is committed to crafting experiences. Every project, including Altea at Ciudades, is a testament to this commitment. They are not merely structures but beautifully designed environments that foster community, cultivate relationships, and enhance the overall quality of life.

SLLI’s dedication to excellence has not gone unnoticed. It is a consistent awardee by the prestigious Reader’s Digest for its impactful real estate brand. This recognition speaks volumes about SLLI’s standing in the industry and clients’ trust in them.

In conclusion, Sta. Lucia Land Incorporated brings more than just extensive experience to Altea at Ciudades; it brings a legacy of quality and trust. As a buyer or investor, you can take confidence in the fact that with SLLI, you are not just investing in a property but in a promise of enduring value and exceptional living.


To conclude, Altea at Ciudades in Davao offers a fresh, vibrant take on residential living. It successfully merges the traditional charm with modern sensibilities to present a community that is not just about residing but about truly living. From its picturesque landscapes to its diverse amenities, every corner of Altea is thoughtfully designed to provide an enriched lifestyle to its residents.

With a prime location that keeps the city’s hustle and bustle within arm’s reach, Altea’s strategic positioning facilitates ease and convenience. Whether you’re seeking education, retail, wellness, or recreation, everything you need is just a short drive away. The accessibility to essential establishments further amplifies the allure of residing in this beautiful enclave.

Under the umbrella of the reputed Sta. Lucia Land Incorporated, Altea ensures quality construction, promising a robust and durable property you can rely on. The affordability and many financing options make it a solid investment choice, promising a fruitful return in the long run.

The master plan for Ciudades unveils a future teeming with potential, with more commercial, industrial, and residential spaces in the pipeline. As Altea’s neighborhood continues to develop, so will the opportunities for residents to thrive in a dynamic, self-sufficient community.

In essence, Altea at Ciudades is not just about buying a property but about purchasing a piece of a dream. A dream of an improved quality of life, a balanced lifestyle, and a community supporting your personal growth journey. So, step into a new chapter of life at Altea, where everything you need, want and aspire to is within your grasp.


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