Jolo Sulu Zip Code

Sultan Kudarat, nestled in the southwestern part of Mindanao in the SOCCSKSARGEN region of the Philippines, is a province that shares its borders with South Cotabato to the south and Maguindanao to the north. Isulan, its capital, serves as a gateway to a host of attractions. The province boasts white sandy beaches in the towns of Kalamansig and Palimbang, perfect for water sports enthusiasts who enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, and jet skiing. Other notable sights include Lake Buluan, the Sultan Kudarat Provincial Capitol, Makin Falls in Lebak, Pitot Cave, Bamban Falls, and Datalbao Cave. Each of these destinations offers a unique experience, making Sultan Kudarat a must-visit province for any traveler.

Jolo Sulu Zip Code | Postal Code Jolo Sulu

LocationZIP CodePhone Area Code
Kalingalan Kalauang741668
Panglima Estino741568
Zip Code Philippines

Exploring Sulu Through Its ZIP Codes

The list details the ZIP codes for each municipality or area within Sulu:

Key Municipalities and Areas in Sulu

  • Jolo (ZIP: 7400): The capital of Sulu, known for its historical significance and vibrant culture.
  • Indanan (ZIP: 7407): A municipality with a rich history and diverse community.
  • Patikul (ZIP: 7401): Known for its natural beauty and as a gateway to various attractions in Sulu.
  • Maimbung (ZIP: 7409): A coastal town with historical landmarks and cultural sites.
  • Panglima Estino (ZIP: 7415) and Panguntaran (ZIP: 7414): These areas showcase the rural and serene side of Sulu.
  • Talipao (ZIP: 7403): Offers a glimpse into the traditional lifestyle and natural beauty of Sulu.

ZIP Codes: The Importance

  • ZIP Codes (7400 to 7416): Each code corresponds to a specific area in Sulu, essential for mail and delivery services to reach the correct destinations.


Sulu, with its collection of islands and rich tapestry of cultures, offers a unique experience. From the bustling streets of Jolo to the tranquil shores of its outer islands, each area within Sulu has its own charm and story. Understanding these ZIP codes is crucial for anyone looking to send mail, conduct business, or explore the diverse landscapes and cultures of this enchanting province.