Ice-O-Matic 9161076-01 Water Pump 1550 Rotations Per Minute 115 Volt

Ice-O-Matic’s commercial ice machines are manufactured in the United States and available across the world. We provide a responsive service network that is made up of internationally certified commercial service technicians to ensure that we can service your Ice-O-Matic ice maker for as long as you own it.

Ice-O-Matic has been a leading supplier of ice equipment since 1952. Founder Dave Smith’s goal was to provide the finest ice machines available with a single-minded dedication to high-quality ice. Ice-O-Matic is committed to delivering simple, dependable, and easy-to-use commercial ice machines today.

  • Reliability – Because OEM parts are created specifically for your equipment, you’ll get the most uptime and optimum performance.
  • Safety – You may never know when a minor variation might have enormous consequences. Why put your company and its employees at risk for an accident or injury caused by non-OEM parts?
  • Warranty Guarantee – Non-OEM components are typically void of equipment warranties (and may result in costly repairs if required).
  • Energy Savings – Genuine OEM components are designed and tested to exact equipment criteria, so they function more effectively and help you save money over time.

Product Description

The Ice-O-Matic 9161076-01 Water Pump 1550 RPM 114-Volt is a genuine OEM (original equipment manufacturer) replacement part. Ice-O The global leader in ice machines, Ice-Omatic is the industry standard. Use genuine OEM components for safety, dependability, and performance. Only intended for use.

From the Manufacturer

9161076-01, PUMP WATER 1550 ROTATIONS PER MINUTE 115 VOLT. Ice O Matic Genuine OEM replacement part. Ice-O-Matic is the premier manufacturer, distributor and supplier of ice machines worldwide. Use genuine OEM parts for safety reliability and performance.

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