Foldylock Forever Folding Bike Lock

Enjoy three years of warranty with our robust bike lock, designed to offer unparalleled protection for your bicycle without the need for codes, cables, or chains. Ideal for city, outdoor, and urban cycling, this lock stands as the ultimate defense against thieves, impervious to bolt cutters and saws.

Boasting a security level of 18/18 and the prestigious Sold Secure Gold rating, our lock features 6.5mm of hardened steel plates, ensuring the highest level of protection for your bike. It’s an anti-theft solution that guarantees safety for cycles parked outdoors, earning its place as a top-rated, professional-grade safety tool for electric bikes.

Our patented, heavy-duty bike lock is engineered with ultra-strong, anti-tamper rivets and the most robust guard system to withstand side attacks, offering an unbeatable, waterproof, and weatherproof shield for your peace of mind.

Say goodbye to annoying rattles with our lock, designed for a quiet ride. The secure mounting bracket set is compatible with mountain, road, sport, standard e-bikes, scooters, and motorcycles, ensuring your gear remains silent.

This flexible, foldable lock extends up to a 90 CM circumference, providing a reliable and durable security solution. The kit includes heavy-duty security accessories: master keys and a case holder, making it easy to carry and attach to stands, racks, and bars.

Foldylock Classic Folding Bike Lock

Offering a three-year warranty, our highly acclaimed bike lock combines portability and robustness with a key mechanism, ensuring your bicycle’s safety without the need for codes or chains. Designed for urban, outdoor, and city cycling, this folding bike lock is resistant to bolt cutters and saws, providing a formidable barrier against theft.

Featuring patented technology, our heavy-duty bike lock is equipped with ultra-strong, anti-tamper rivets and the most advanced guard system to fend off side attacks, delivering an unbreakable, waterproof, and weatherproof safeguard for your bicycle.

Designed for convenience, our flexible, foldable bike lock extends to a 95 CM chain link circumference, making it super easy to use and carry. The comprehensive security kit includes heavy-duty accessories such as master keys and a case holder, allowing for seamless attachment to stands, racks, and bars.

Our bike lock ensures a quiet ride by eliminating rattling noises with its frame mount and secure mounting bracket set, compatible with electric, mountain, road, sport, and standard e-bikes, as well as scooters and motorcycles.

With a smart design and stylish execution, our bike lock represents the ultimate in anti-theft security and quality. It’s a professional-grade, Sold Secure Silver-rated safety tool, crafted with hardened steel components for stylish, reliable protection of your cycles parked outdoors.

Foldylock Forever Folding Bike Lock Set