Capiz ZIP Code

Situated in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines, Capiz boasts Roxas City as its capital. The province is renowned for a plethora of tourist attractions including the birthplace of Manuel Roxas, the insightful Ang Panublion (Roxas City Museum), the serene Olutayan Island, the intriguing Suhot Cave, the picturesque Casanayan in Pilar, the inviting Baybay Beach, the captivating Mantalinga Island, and the historic Pan-ay Church. Numerous beach resorts offer exhilarating activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, and other water sports, making Capiz a must-visit destination.

Capiz ZIP Code | Capiz Postal Code

LocationZIP CodePhone Area Code
Pres. Roxas580336
Roxas City580036
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Navigating Capiz’s Municipalities and City

The list details key information for each area in Capiz:

  1. Location Name: Specifies different municipalities and the city within Capiz.
  2. ZIP Code: Each area has a specific ZIP code for postal and delivery services.
  3. Phone Area Code: All locations in Capiz share the area code “36”, used for landline telephone communications.

Key Locations in Capiz

  • Roxas City (ZIP: 5800): The provincial capital, renowned for its bountiful seafood and picturesque bay.
  • Panay (ZIP: 5801): Known for its historical significance and the Pan-ay Church with one of the largest church bells in Asia.
  • Dumarao (ZIP: 5812) and Mambusao (ZIP: 5807): These areas are characterized by their agricultural lands and local culture.
  • Pilar (ZIP: 5804): A coastal town famous for its beautiful islands and beaches.
  • Tapaz (ZIP: 5814): Known for its mountainous terrain and indigenous cultural communities.

Importance of ZIP and Area Codes

  • ZIP Codes (5800 to 5816): These codes ensure that mail and packages are delivered efficiently to the correct locations within Capiz.
  • Area Code (36): This uniform area code for Capiz simplifies landline communication across the province.


Capiz, with its rich history, abundant seafood, and beautiful landscapes, offers a diverse experience. Whether you’re sending a letter, making a phone call, exploring historic sites, or savoring the fresh seafood, this guide is invaluable for navigating the province’s towns and city. Understanding these ZIP codes and area codes is not just about practicality; it’s a key to experiencing the vibrant and diverse life in Capiz.