Tucked in the Luzon Strait, between the islands of Luzon and Taiwan, is the Northern Philippine province of Batanes. This captivating region consists of ten mesmerizing islands, each boasting a wealth of natural beauty. The capital, Basco, alongside Itbayat, Ivana, Mahatao, Sabtang, and Uyugan, form the core of Batanes.

Imagine the wind brushing your cheeks as you stand by the Mahatao lighthouse or feel the rush of adrenaline at Valugan Boulder Beach. Marvel at the picturesque panorama from Marlboro Hills, absorb the haunting history encapsulated in the American Bunkers, or unwind amidst the tranquil setting of Fundacion Pacita. Batanes is an explorer’s delight.

If you plan to explore these exquisite locales, here are their ZIP codes and phone area codes:

Batanes Zip Code | Batanes Postal Code

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