In the southeastern corner of Luzon, the largest island in the Philippines, you’ll discover the enchanting province of Albay. This provincial gem is an integral part of the vibrant Bicol region, a corner of the country known for its rich cultural tapestry and natural beauty. The beating heart of Albay is Legaspi, a city buzzing with life and welcoming warmth.

Rising majestically against Albay’s skyline is the globally renowned Mayon Volcano, the embodiment of nature’s symmetry. Its near-perfect conical form has drawn admirers from across the globe, earning it the title of the world’s most perfectly shaped cone. Mayon is not just a natural wonder; it’s the defining symbol of Albay, drawing visitors like a siren’s song.

But Albay is far more than just the keeper of the iconic Mayon. The province unfolds a diverse tableau of natural splendors that lure travelers into its serene embrace. From sun-drenched beaches, where waves play a symphony on the shores, to cascading waterfalls whispering tales of the mountains, Albay offers an array of captivating vistas. Add to that, natural springs where tranquility flows freely, offering a respite from the bustling world outside.

At the heart of it all, the spirit of Albay is truly embodied by its warm and hospitable people. Their inviting smiles, shared stories, and genuine hospitality wrap every visitor in a comfort that feels like home. No wonder Albay has positioned itself as one of the Philippines’ cherished tourist destinations, a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be unearthed.

If you’re planning a journey around Albay, here’s a handy list of locations within the province, each with its corresponding ZIP code and phone area code:

Albay Zip Code | Albay Postal Code

LocationZIP CodePhone Area Code
Daraga (Locsin)450152
Legaspi City450052
Pio Duran (Malacbalac)451652
Sto. Domingo450852

Pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable trip to Albay, where nature’s grandeur and cultural warmth blend seamlessly to create a memorable vacation.