Agusan del Sur Zip Code

Make your next eco-tourism destination the beautiful provinces of Agusan del Sur and Agusan del Norte, nestled in the southern Philippine island of Mindanao. Both provinces are brimming with natural splendor, beckoning local and international tourists to partake in their captivating offerings.

Explore hot springs, unearth ancient artifacts, or challenge yourself with a climb up the 2,012-meter-tall Mt. Mayapay, which houses a lake at its peak. Prosperidad serves as the capital of Agusan del Sur, while Cabadbaran City holds the honor for Agusan del Norte.

To aid your journey through these provinces, here is a list of locations along with their respective ZIP codes and phone area codes:

Agusan del Sur Zip Code | Agusan del Sur Postal Code

LocationZIP CodePhone Area Code
La Paz850885
San Francisco850185
San Luis851185
Santa Josefa851285

Agusan del Norte Zip Code

LocationZIP CodePhone Area Code
Butuan City860085
La Nieves861085
Remedios T. Romualdez861185
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Navigating Agusan del Norte

Agusan del Norte is known for its historical sites, beautiful landscapes, and the bustling city of Butuan.

Key Municipalities and City in Agusan del Norte

  • Butuan City (ZIP: 8600): A highly urbanized city, known for its historical significance and as a regional commercial center.
  • Cabadbaran (ZIP: 8605): The provincial capital, rich in history and culture.
  • Nasipit (ZIP: 8602) and Buenavista (ZIP: 8601): These areas are known for their ports and scenic beauty.
  • Carmen (ZIP: 8603): Offers a glimpse of rural life amidst lush landscapes.

ZIP Codes: Range from 8600 to 8611.

Phone Area Code: “85” for all locations.

Exploring Agusan del Sur

Agusan del Sur boasts of vast agricultural lands, wildlife sanctuaries, and is known for its indigenous cultures.

Notable Areas in Agusan del Sur

  • Prosperidad (ZIP: 8500): The capital town, a gateway to exploring the region’s natural beauty.
  • San Francisco (ZIP: 8501): Known for its trade and agriculture.
  • Bayugan (ZIP: 8502): Emerging as an important urban center in the province.
  • Esperanza (ZIP: 8513) and Loreto (ZIP: 8507): These areas offer rich biodiversity and cultural experiences.

ZIP Codes: Range from 8500 to 8513.

Phone Area Code: “85” for all locations.


Agusan del Norte and Agusan del Sur, with their blend of historical landmarks, natural beauty, and cultural diversity, offer a rich and diverse experience. Whether you’re sending a letter, making a phone call, exploring historical sites, or enjoying the natural beauty, this guide is invaluable for navigating the provinces’ towns and cities. Understanding these ZIP codes and area code is not just practical; it’s key to experiencing the vibrant and diverse life in these captivating provinces.